AAFS Bylaws


SECTION 1 – NAME: The name of this organization is the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, herein also referred to as the “Academy” or as “AAFS.” It is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Illinois.

SECTION 2 – LOCATION AND AUTHORITY TO LOCATE: The corporate office of AAFS shall be located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and/or such other locations as determined by the governing body of AAFS.

SECTION 3 – OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this Academy shall be to promote professionalism, integrity, and competency in the membership actions and associated activities; to promote education for and research in the forensic sciences; to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the cause of the forensic sciences; to promote interdisciplinary communications; and to plan, organize and administer meetings, reports and other projects for the stimulation and advancement of these and related purposes.