Registration FAQ

Explanation of Registration Types and Rates

Rates are listed as Pre-Registration/On-Site.  The Pre-Registration Deadline is Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

AAFS Members and Trainee Affiliates ($295/$420)

AAFS Trainee Affiliates, AAFS Associate Members, AAFS Members, AAFS Fellows, and AAFS Retired Members.

AAFS Student Affiliates ($100/$125)

Current AAFS Student Affiliates who have maintained eligibility.  Also honored for Applicants for AAFS Student Affiliate status with a completed application that will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting.

AAFS Retired Fellows ($0/$0)

Those who hold the official membership status of AAFS Retired Fellow.  Also honored for Applicants for AAFS Retired Fellow status with an application that will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting.

AAFS Applicants ($295/$420)

Must have a completed application on file with AAFS by the application deadline.

Non-Member Trainees ($295/$420)

Must provide a letter verifying “in training” status from employer/supervisor.

IAI Members ($295/$420)

Must provide proof of active IAI Membership (local/state/USA/Int’l IAI divisions).

AFTE Members ($295/$420)

Must provide proof of active AFTE Membership.

Non-Members ($475/$545)

Non-Members of the AAFS who are not full-time students.  Also used for Applicants without a complete application on file.

Non-Member Full-Time Students ($125/$150)

Not an AAFS Student Affiliate.  Non-Member Full-Time Student registrants must provide an official Verification of Enrollment verifying Full-Time enrollment at the time of the Annual Meeting (February 2017).

Daily Registrants ($160/$185)

Individuals (member or non-member) who wish to only attend specific days.

Workshop Only

Individuals who will not be attending anything other than Special Functions.

What days and sessions are included with the basic registration fee?

The basic registration fee includes admittance into AAFS sessions starting with the Tuesday evening Welcoming Reception through the Saturday morning Scientific Sessions. The basic registration fee excludes admittance to Special Functions which require additional fees (Breakfast Seminars, Luncheon Sessions, Workshops, Young Forensic Scientists Forum, and the Interdisciplinary Symposium).

What is the cut-off date for the early registration fee?

Wednesday Jan. 18, 2017. The deadline is FIRM. Special Function registration (Breakfast Sessions, Luncheon Seminars, pre-meeting Workshops, Young Forensic Scientists Forum, and the Interdisciplinary Symposium) will not be available following January 18th.

Do I need to submit payment with my registration?

The online registration system requires full payment using a credit or debit card. If you need to register using cash, check, money order, wire transfer, or an Official Purchase Order, you will need to fill out and submit the .pdf registration form. You may scan/email the form, or you may drop it in the mail. Faxed registration forms are not accepted.

What types of payment does AAFS accept for registration fees?

All payments to the AAFS must be in US funds drawn on a US bank.

AAFS accepts the following credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Cards must be able to be charged in US dollars. Cash, checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks are acceptable. Official Purchase Orders (not just a PO number) are acceptable.

Do I have to send my Purchase Order (PO) to AAFS to register?

Yes. If your company/agency will be paying by PO, an official PO copy is required (not just a PO Number).

If a group of people use the same PO, does every person need to bring a copy of the PO?

Each person MUST have a copy of their PO on file with the AAFS. For group POs, each person must be named on the PO.

Why is it important that I bring a copy of my PO & registration receipt?

If we did not receive a copy of your PO via mail or email, we will need to have a copy before you can get your meeting materials. Your PO paperwork expedites this process. If your registration materials cannot be located, your registration receipt expedites the process of locating your materials.

May I “audit” sessions?

No. You may not “audit” any session for which you did not register (and pay any required additional fees).

How do I cancel my Registration?

Refund policy: All requests for cancellation must be made to the AAFS headquarters in writing via fax, mail, or email. Phone cancellations are not accepted.

Cancelled registration fees will be refunded as follows: Prior to December 1 – full rebate less $25 admin fee; December 1-31 – 75% refund; January 1-31 – 60% refund; February 1-5 – 50% refund. No refunds after February 5, 2017.

If I can't attend the meeting, can someone come in my place?

Yes, transfers will be accepted. If someone is coming in your place, AAFS must have written notice from you.

How do I make changes to my registration?
All requests for changes to your registration must be made in writing to the AAFS office or by email to Please include your name, registration ID number (if known), and the workshop/event you want to add/change.  Requested changes that increase your registration fee must be accompanied by payment information or an updated Official Purchase Order.  Changes that decrease your registration fee will be refunded in the method payment was received.
Are any meals included in the basic registration fee?

No.  No meals are included in the basic registration fee.  You may choose to add meal functions to your registration prior to the Pre-Registration deadline at an additional cost.

How and where do I register onsite?
Registration will be located in the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Proceed to the AAFS On-Site Registration kiosk if you need to register or need to submit payment. Proceed to the AAFS Pre-Registration desk if you have already registered and only need to pick up your materials.
A Special Session I wish to attend is full. How do I get on a waiting list?
The online registration system has a waiting list feature. At the bottom of the Special Sessions or Meals pages, there is a button to take you to the waiting list. If you registered using the .pdf form, you may email your request to be added to the waiting list to Tracie McCray ( more than one person is on the waiting list, they will be added in the order the requests were received. If a spot becomes available, you will be notified via e-mail.
Will presentation handouts be available online?
Electronic handouts will be available to the registered attendees of any Special Sessions with handouts.
Will registration badges and materials be mailed prior to the meeting?
No. All registration materials and badges will be available at the AAFS Pre-Registration Desk at the meeting.
Once onsite, how do I make changes to my registration?
You will need to go to the “On-Site” registration counter. Changes may not be able to be made immediately.
May I attend a workshop or poster session if I registered as “Exhibit Hall Only”?
No. The Exhibit Hall Only registration type allows access to the Exhibit Hall Only. In order to attend any sessions (oral or poster), workshops, events (including social events), or Plenary Session, meeting registration is required.
Is there an age limit for registrants/attendees?
Yes. Registrants for the AAFS Annual Meeting must be at least 18 years old, accompanied by a parent, or a registered college student.
May I record a part of the AAFS Annual Meeting?

No. Video and/or audiotaping and/or recording of any sessions or parts thereof is not permitted without prior approval from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Does the AAFS Annual Meeting have an official language?

Yes. English is the official language of the AAFS and its meetings; neither oral nor written translations will be provided. Should you wish to contract your own translator, please contact the AAFS for the policy information about simultaneous translators.

Does the AAFS Annual Meeting have a dress code?

No. Business casual is the most common attire.

Are Continuing Professional hours/credits available?

Yes. You may register for CE ($100) either before the conference or on-site. You will need to pick up a blank CE Packet from the AAFS Registration Desk for recording your session attendance. Please refer to the Continuing Education pages in the Advance Program for additional details.