For Employers - About AAFS Job Postings

Welcome to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Employment Website. AAFS has created this system so that employers can post forensic science related employment positions on the public-facing AAFS Community website. There is no charge for this service.

This system allows an employer to:

  • Enter the position information
  • Submit/save it for approval of the AAFS Website Coordinator,
  • Update the position to reflect changes in duties, requirements, or even an application deadline. In order to be able to return to the employment site and make changes, the employer will need to create a user id and password to access the system.

Once submitted, the AAFS Website Coordinator will review each position posting request:

  • To ensure adequate information is provided;
  • To check spelling and grammar; and
  • To review the application deadline/60-day limit

When the review is complete, the AAFS Website Coordinator will approve the position to be posted to the website. Posting requests will typically be processed within 2 business days. However, depending on the time of year (times when publication deadlines are imminent - i.e., immediately before, during, or after the AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting, etc.), this approval process may take up to ten days. An email confirmation indicating your request has been completed will be emailed on the same day the posting is made publicly available on the AAFS website.

Positions with application deadlines of less than sixty days will automatically be removed from the website immediately after the deadline has passed. Positions which do not have a specific application deadline will remain on the website for sixty days. The system will allow you to set a deadline date of more than sixty days; however, the AAFS Website Coordinator will review the date entered to ensure the posting does not remain on the site for an indefinite amount of time. Employers will need to resubmit the position should the system remove the posting because the application deadline passed and the employer did not update the posting to reflect the new application deadline.

Any questions on posting a position on the AAFS Employment Website should be directed to Nancy Jackson at or (719) 636-1100.

To view current positions - Current Job Openings

To create a new account and/or post a job - Post a Job

To post a job on the AAFS website:

  1. To post a position on the AAFS website you must first establish an account on the AAFS Employment User System. An account includes a username and password. This account (user name and password) is not associated with the AAFS Member Section log in or the AAFS Abstract Submission System. You may create a username by entering a username and an email address in the appropriate box. The user name and email address can't already exist in the AAFS Community website in order for the system to create an account. In addition, the email address should be a valid address. The system will send a one-time only access link to the email that you provided.
  2. To create a new account, click the "Create new account" link on the Login Page.
  3. Enter a username and email address and click "Create new Account".
  4. Once your account is created, the system will send a one-time only access link to the email that you provided in the "Create New Account" process and redirect you to the AAFS home page.
  5. Go to your email account (you may find the email in your "Junk" email inbox. The email will come from AAFS Website ( Click on the one-time use link that will take you directly to your account page.  This link provided in the email can only be used one time, and will expire if not used within 24 hours. To get a new one-time login link at any time or to reset your password, go to and click on "Request new password".
  6. Enter your new password in the two boxes provided (Password & Confirm Password). You may also elect to change the Default time zone box. Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length, and for best security should contain a combination of letters, numbers and/or simple special characters such as %, $, &, etc. Once the system indicates that the passwords match in both boxes, click "Save" to change your account Password

Once changed, you will be able to use the account to make changes to your current posting or to add any future posting your organization may have. To go to the main Post a Job page, click HERE

Information needed/required to post a position:

  1. AAFS requires that the following information be submitted when posting a position:
  1. Job title
  2. Organization name
  3. Application deadline date

NOTE:  Should an employer enter an application deadline date of more than sixty days, AAFS reserves the right to change this to meet the sixty day limit.

  1. Qualifications - Enter any job specific qualifications in this block.
  2. Responsibilities - Information entered into the "Responsibilities" block will show up in part on the main AAFS Current Openings webpage. You may want to add a sentence similar to the following in this block:

<Organization Name> is seeking applicants for the position of <position name>. This position is located in <location name>.  
Responsibilities include: Also enter the job specific responsibilities and/or duties in this block.

  1. Other Information/How to Apply
    1. Enter any additional information specific to the position in this block.
    2. Enter the "How to Apply" information in this block.
  2. Application Deadline - this is a required field. The system will provide a default date sixty days from the day the post is submitted. This date information will be reviewed to ensure the sixty day maximum is met. In the event an employer needs to extend the deadline date, you may update the position information and resubmit it for approval or contact the AAFS Website Coordinator Nancy Jackson at
  3. Compensation - enter the wage or salary information as applicable.
  4. Contact Name - Enter your contact information or the contact information of the person who may best answer questions about the position. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  5. Contact Address - Enter your address. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  6. Contact Phone - If applicable, enter your telephone number. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  7. Contact Fax - if applicable, enter your fax number. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  8. Contact Email - if applicable, enter your email address. The email address provided here will be used to send a confirmation email address that the position has been approved. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  9. Website - if applicable, enter a website address. This information will be included in the online website posting.
  10. Once you have entered all of the information pertinent to the position, click the save button. The information is then sent to the AAFS Website Coordinator for approval.
  11. If an email address has been provided in the posting, an email will be sent once the position has been approved and posted to the AAFS website.