Show Decorator Website & Information

NOTE:  As much as 30 percent of your decorator/vendor costs can be saved by submitting order forms by the deadline date.  You will pay premium prices for services ordered onsite and risk having items unavailable.


How to Order Additional Items for Booth


Reading and Understanding the Contracted Decorator’s Website
Once an exhibiting company submits their booth registration, they will receive an email from the contracted decorator containing login information for access to their website.  This is how you will order services such as booth furnishings, electricity, computer access, cleaning, shipping, drayage, and labor.

Be sure to read the rules and regulations in the contracted decorator’s website to understand the specifications that pertain to your booth configuration and to the show location and venue.  There may be changes in rules from previous years.


Lead Retrieval
Lead retrieval systems will be available for rent within the contracted decorator’s website as well as onsite.  You may request a sample badge from the AAFS Exhibit Coordinator, Heather Jefferson at, to test with your system.  The most common system is a magnetic (mag) stripe or bar code with attendee demographics encoded on each one.  After the event, the lead retrieval company will provide you with a full listing of contact information for the visitors you captured through the lead retrieval system.


Labor:  Using a General or Independent Contractor
International exhibitors are often surprised by U.S. labor regulations. Labor laws differ from state to state.  Please refer to the contracted decorator’s website for more detailed information.


What An Exhibitor Can Do Without Unions
Recent work rules modifications now enable exhibitors to perform several set-up tasks which in the past were under union jurisdiction.  Generally, each of the following activities may be completed by a full-time employee of the exhibiting company:  1) hand-carry small items and pop-up displays through the main entrance only, not the dock  (no hand trucks, carts, or four wheeled dollies); 2) install and dismantle displays within a 100 sq. ft. booth space if one person can accomplish the task in ½ hour or less without the use of tools; 3) install graphics, small signs, logos, and graphics that are attached with pre-cut Velcro strips; 4) make technical, electrical connections and interwire equipment for computers providing the cables do not exceed 10’ in length; and, 5) perform simple electrical requirements, such as installing light bulbs.

Since booth construction might need to be performed by union laborers, you will need to determine how many laborers you will need, and for how long.  Labor can be ordered from the general services contractor (an order form may be found in the contracted decorator’s website, or you may engage an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) for these services.


Labor, Shipping, Damaged Shipments, Drayage, Electrical, and Other Services
The contracted decorator’s website contains detailed information and order forms for Exhibit Hall services, computer rental, lead retrieval, and other services, guidelines, and requirements unique to the location.

Please click HERE to go to the contracted decorator’s website for all order forms to determine the services you need and regulations specific to the site.