Volunteer Information

The AAFS 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting will take place February 19-24 in Seattle, WA. We need volunteers to accomplish an array of administrative and gate-keeping tasks throughout the week of the meeting. Volunteers who are not members of the Academy may receive complimentary registration to attend all non-ticketed sessions of the meeting with a minimum of eight (8) hours of completed volunteer service at the meeting. This does not include sessions requiring pre-registration or fees other than the basic meeting registration fee. If you plan to attend any of the Special Functions (e.g., workshops, breakfasts, luncheons, special sessions, etc.), please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for the AAFS Pre-Registration Form. Inactive members and Student Affiliate members of the Academy are eligible to receive complimentary registration.

Although most AAFS membership categories do not receive complimentary registration for volunteering, the Academy needs its members to volunteer. Your service to the Academy is instrumental in making the event a success. Persons accompanying registered attendees are also welcome to volunteer if they wish.

*Volunteer applications must be received no later than January 5th, and are accepted on a first come, first-served basis. Incomplete forms are not accepted.