International Educational Outreach Program

2018 International Educational Outreach (IEOP) – Cuba

May 23-27, 2018

Arrival:    May 23

Tour:        May 23-26



For more than 20 years, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences has fostered international travel and professional exchange. The objective of AAFS international travel is to provide opportunities to Academy members (1) to meet with forensic science colleagues, (2) to participate whenever possible in major international forensic science meetings, (3) to visit laboratories as appropriate, and, at the same time, (4) to experience the rich heritages and cultures of the peoples and lands to be visited. AAFS President Ms. Betty Layne DesPortes and President-Elect Ms. Susan Ballou, invite you to join them on a tour of Cuba.

Itinerary details and registration information can be found HERE.
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AAFS has been advised that it is unlikely we’ll experience a travel ban and we have confidence that the IEOP will go as scheduled.

Our guides are in contact with the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Cuba.  The following is the most recent updates:

  • There were early reports that the Embassy was possibly closing, however the US has opted to scale back the staff at the Embassy in Cuba.
  • AAFS is working closely with Cuba Educational Travel (CET) to provide accurate information.
  • The State department put out a travel advisory, however, CET’s opinion is that it is a temporary reaction as the investigation regarding the “sonic attacks” continues to unfold.  CET feels the advisory is unwarranted and should be lifted in the coming weeks.
  • There have been zero instances where any visitors to the island have been targeted.  The instances have been isolated, and there is no evidence to support threats on visitors.
    • CET has talked to US diplomats who were stationed in the country.  They were evacuated during Hurricane Irma, and were eager to get back to Havana over the past few weeks despite these incidents.   They have indicated they feel completely safe.
  • The Cubans have assured us that security personnel are on high alert to further protect all visitors to the island.
  • Safety is a top priority.

This site will be updated as information is received.

For questions concerning the Academy’s IEOPs, please contact Nancy Jackson, AAFS Director of Development & Accreditation (