Student Affiliate, Trainee Affiliate, or Associate Member

Applicants for membership in the Academy, or for promotion, shall be considered without regard to ancestry, ethnicity,national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, faith, disability, or membership in other organizations.  Academy membership is available only to those of professional competence, integrity, and good moral character.

Following you will find a description of the eligibility requirements and submission instructions in detail. You must meet the AAFS and Section Requirements for the status for which you are applying; a waiver is only possible if it is so noted in the requirements. Please read the Application Instructions & Requirements, Application, and Reference Form carefully to avoid a delay in the processing and review. Upon receipt of your application, AAFS will contact you verifying the section and status for which you are applying and confirming your new Applicant status. Applications are reviewed periodically by the Membership Department between the months of July and October. If your application is found to be incomplete at the time of review, you will be notified via email or mail. If your application is found to be complete, it will be forwarded to the Section Officers for their review. Once the committee members have completed their review, you will be notified of the outcome. If your application is being “recommended” for approval by the committee, official approval will take place by the AAFS Board of Directors at the AAFS Annual Meeting in February. Your status remains Applicant until you are notified of the Board approval in March. This notification will include an official letter from the AAFS President and a dues notice.

Your membership is activated upon receipt of your dues payment. Applications are only approved once a year at the February AAFS Annual Meeting. Your completed application, including reference forms and any additional section requirements, must be received and completed by October 1 in order to be acted upon at the AAFS Annual Meeting the following February. The deadline for receipt and completion is firm. It is recommended that applications are completed by July 1st. An early submission will give AAFS an opportunity to review your application, contact you with any deficiencies or questions, and forward your completed application to the appropriate Section Officers for their review well in advance of the deadline. The required $25 USD application fee must accompany the application form. The application fee is a one time fee; the fee is waived when an application to upgrade is submitted. Please be advised that you will be subject to annual dues if your application is approved in February. If approved, you will receive an invoice for $165 (except Student Affiliates whose dues will be $55) along with your notification of approval.