Crime Laboratory Technician, Toxicology - Requisition #00029784

Texas Department of Public Safety, Houston, TX, US



  • May prepare buffers, reagents, stock solutions, etc., as required by section analysts in the laboratory. Maintain proper stock of supplies in support of laboratory analysts.
  • Oversee the maintenance and handling of evidence, including receipt, bar coding, storage, return, destruction, and inventory within the laboratory section.
  • Monitor and maintain the laboratory section in a clean and orderly manner. 
  • May enter and update sample inventory in a personal computer database.
  • May autoclave glassware, bio-hazardous waste, reagents, and plasticware as necessary.
  • May assist with supply and chemical ordering and maintenance of order records.
  • Assist with lab instrument and inventory transfers and install new or transferred equipment. May prepare and/or submit the annual property inventory checklist to the Manager/Supervisor of the Laboratory.  
  • Perform section administrative duties related to case receipt.
  • May assist in the maintenance, and repairs to crime laboratory equipment, hardware, and apparatus.
  • Attend work regularly and observe approved work hours in accordance with agency leave and attendance policies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



Education - High School Diploma/equivalent plus a minimum of an associate degree or equivalent, which includes eight (8) semester hours of college Chemistry.  

Experience – Minimum of one (1) year experience in a laboratory environment performing similar tasks to those described above. 

Substitution Note:  A Bachelor of Science degree in a natural science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) with a minimum of 8 hours of Chemistry may be substituted for the experience.

Licensure and/or Certification - If driving is required, must possess a valid driver license from state of residence.  A forensic analyst license from TFSC (Texas Forensic Science Commission) may be required.


 3,836.16 - 4,673.16 (Monthly)

How to apply

DPS - CLD - Crime Laboratory Technician, Toxicology - 6122 (