Criminalist II - Forensic Biology

New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory, Concord, NH, US


Scope of Work:

  • Conducts analyses and comparisons on specimens of physical evidence in the Forensic Biology Unit in connection with criminal investigations, and testifies as an expert in criminal trials.


  • Performs a wide variety of analyses on questioned samples specifically related to the Forensic Biology Unit and seized in connection with criminal investigations.
  • Interprets and compiles analytical results and writes technical reports detailing these findings, which are forwarded to submitting agencies and introduced into evidence at criminal trials. Testifies to these findings as an expert witness in depositions and criminal trials and prepares court exhibits for presentation at trial.
  • Operates, maintains, validates and performs quality control of specialized equipment such as thermal cyclers, microscopes, genetic analyzers, alternate light sources.
  • Performs administrative and technical reviews of unit members’ casework.
  • Receives, inventories and records physical evidence submitted to the Forensic Laboratory and maintains strict legal accountability and custody of physical evidence to ensure its court admissibility.
  • Researches and evaluates the applicability of new scientific systems, methods, and instrumentation to the forensic needs in the area of forensic biology. Develops/validates new standard operating procedures and protocols as necessary.
  • Utilizes a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations, procedures and laws as a means of providing consistent, quality processing and guidance within the Laboratory’s Forensic Biology Unit.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education: Possession of a Master's degree from a recognized college or university with major study in chemistry, biological sciences, or forensic science. Each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.
  • Experience: Three years' experience in chemistry, biological sciences or forensic laboratory duties. Each additional year of approved work experience may be substituted for one year of required formal education at the graduate level only.
  • License/Certification: Must possess a valid driver’s license or have access to statewide travel.

Special Requirements:

  1. Must be able to pass a comprehensive background check in addition to a fingerprint-based criminal background check and motor vehicle record check.
  2. Must be able to achieve and maintain documented competency in the appropriate specialty area as required by the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, the process by which is established in the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory protocols.
  3. Must meet the educational requirements as specified in the FBI Quality Assurance Standards to perform DNA work.


Salary $63,960.00 - $75,940.80/year

New Hampshire does not have a state income tax. Excellent benefits, described here:

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How to apply

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