Deputy Medical Examiner I-22415807

County of San Diego, San Diego, CA, US


The County of San Diego Medical Examiner's Department is currently recruiting for Deputy Medical Examiners.

Board certification in Forensic Pathology is not required for this classification but incumbents should have plans to eventually obtain Board certification.  If you have Board certification in a related non-forensic subspecialty (i.e. Neuropathology, Cardiac Pathology, Pediatric Pathology, etc.) you are encouraged to apply.


Deputy Medical Examiners determine cause of death for the deceased in custody of the Medical Examiner.  

Deputy Medical Examiner I is the entry level class to this series. Incumbents visit scenes of death; conduct post mortem examinations to determine the probable cause of death; testify and provide medical evidence at grand jury and court trials; perform microscopic tissue examinations; prepare reports of findings; and perform related work.


  • A valid license to practice medicine in the State of California is required at the time of appointment (State of California Business and Professions Code 2135); AND,
  • Board certification in Forensic Pathology must be maintained during course of employment; AND,
  • Board certified in Anatomic Pathology; AND,
  • Are in a Forensic Pathology Fellowship; OR,
  • Have completed a Forensic Pathology Fellowship.


  • Base annual salary = $213,012.80
  • Average standby hours per year (66) at $102.41 per hour
  • Employer paid contribution to health care costs per year:

              $9,024 for Employee Only
              $13,716 for Employee + 1 Dependent
              $19,956 for Employee + 2 or More Dependents

*Once board certified, promotional opportunity may be available into the Deputy Medical Examiner II at the base annual salary of $235,331.20.

How to apply

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