DFS: Forensic Scientist Shift Supervisor (Crime Scene Unit)

Department of Forensic Science, Washington, DC, US


This position is in the Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS). The mission of the DFS is to provide high-quality, timely, accurate, and reliable forensic science services using best practices and best available technology, focusing on unbiased science and transparency, to enhance public safety and health.

The position serves as Forensic Scientist Shift Supervisor providing first line supervision by supporting the administrative and technical responsibility of the Division. The organization is responsible for analyzing, collecting, preserving, and processing physical and biological evidence and performs the work in the laboratory. Crime scenes include human crimes, such as homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies, as well as property crimes and traffic accidents. Evidence includes biological evidence and latent fingerprints.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that the heavy volume of daily work as well as difficult special demands are scheduled and processed effectively and distributed appropriately to the subordinate staff. Maintains effective communications, reports findings, assesses needs, and makes recommendations; keeps supervisor informed of specific operations, problems, and options for improved productivity; and facilitates effective two-way communications with and between subordinates to provide for efficient individual and group operation and development.

Supervises evidence recovered from criminal investigations at the scene(s) of crime(s) by ensuring analysis, photographs, and items collected are appropriately preserved; and physical evidence is effectively presented. Ability to effectively supervise staff. The incumbent may be required to perform work in the field as well as in the laboratory setting.

Supervises, plans, and directs subordinate staff, which also includes contracting personnel within the purview of the DFS. Supervision includes the review of work; utilization of employees to accomplish work objectives; monitors quantitative and qualitative measures for evaluating the work performance of staff; formulating overall plans for resources; approves and disapproves leave requests; recommends candidate selections, staff promotions, incentive recognition, and corrective or adverse actions; establishes work standards; and identifies developmental and training needs. Provides advice to the forensic scientists and consults with key DFS managers and represents the CSS when providing advice to officials of the District of Columbia on matters pertaining to the laboratory.


This is an interdisciplinary position that involves work with two different occupations which may be filled under the Forensic Scientist, 0401 or 0301 Series, depending on the qualifications of the candidate selected.

A Degree in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines appropriate to the position or courses equivalent to a major in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines in addition to one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level. Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the position which has equipped the individual with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position.

Six (6) years of experience in crime scene investigation, leading a team, reviewing, and approving reports for its finalization is highly desired.



How to apply

DC Government policy requires that you complete the online application to be considered for this role. Interested applicants should submit an application through the https://careers.dc.gov.

Please reference “DFS: Forensic Scientist Shift Supervisor” or Job ID #: 19283.