Forensic Anthropologist- West TN Regional Forensic Center

UT Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, US


This position serves as the in-house consultant to the staff forensic pathologists in the field, autopsy suite, and laboratory. Primary functions include performing field recoveries, examining unknown specimens to determine osseous/human origin, estimating biological profiles for unknown decedents, and analyzing trauma. Additional duties include: court testimony; management of long-term unidentified cases; teaching fellows, residents, and external entities; management of retained skeletal evidence.


  • Responds to death scenes as necessary at various times of day/week in Shelby and neighboring counties.
  • Locates and perform recoveries of human remains in various conditions and contexts.
  • Determines osseous/human origin and forensic significance of recovered specimens.
  • Directs and perform activities related to the recovery, preparation, documentation, and curation of skeletal material, including in situ observation, autopsy recovery, maceration, photography, radiography, and long-term preservation.
  • Consults with forensic pathologists on a case-by-case basis to determine appropriate actions and analyses.
  • Performs specialized dissection techniques to assist in observation and recovery of skeletal elements and skeletal analyses for the purpose of decedent identification and/or skeletal trauma assessment.
  • Completes reports of anthropological examinations in a timely manner and communicate relevant findings to forensic pathologists and law enforcement as applicable.
  • Maintains chain of custody for secure storage, tracking, and release of remains.
  • Serves as faculty member for forensic pathology fellowship program.
  • Provides training related to forensic anthropology to medical students, residents, law enforcement, and other area groups.
  • Testifies as an expert witness in forensic anthropology.
  • Responds to mass fatality incidents in the field and autopsy suite.
  • Enters/maintain unidentified cases in national databases such as NamUs.
  • Manages long-term unidentified cases regardless of condition.
  • Performs radiograph comparisons for decedent identification.
  • Other duties as assigned.


EDUCATION: Doctoral Degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Forensic Anthropology. Certification by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, preferred. Must be able to receive board certification within one year of employment. (TRANSCRIPT REQUIRED)

EXPERIENCE: Must have some prior experience with forensic anthropology in a medical examiner/coroner's office and must be able to receive board certification within one year of employment. Greater preference may be given to applicants who are certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and have at least two years of direct experience working in a medical examiner/coroner's office.


Hiring Salary: $8,268.71/ Monthly

Salary Commensurate with Education and Experience

How to apply