Forensic Biologist I

Kentucky State Police Central Forensic Laboratory, Frankfort, KY, US


Forensic Biologists will be hired for Serological Analysis, DNA Casework, or DNA Database. Serological analysts screen evidence for the presence of blood, semen, and saliva. If found, the serologist will take a sample and forward it for DNA analysis. DNA Casework analysts will process the positive serological samples for DNA. The DNA Database analyst will process DNA profiles of convicted offenders to be entered into a database which can be searched to link DNA profiles to other crimes providing investigative leads. The training program lasts approximately one year and includes reading assignments, practical examinations, mock trials for testimony, and competency exams.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes unknown and known substances submitted by law enforcement agencies and associated entities to determine properties, and/or identity of the substance and make comparisons to known standards.
  • Receives specialized training in designated forensic disciplines. -Compiles and reviews laboratory reports regarding analysis of submitted evidence.
  • Reviews work-related literature such as books, journals, periodicals and notes.
  • Attends safety meetings and other work-related meetings. -Receives and maintains security of physical evidence until returned to submitting agency.
  • Provides expert testimony throughout the Commonwealth pertaining to forensic analysis and reports.
  • Maintains laboratory instrumentation.
  • Responds to crime scenes as needed and participate in other work-related special details.


Graduate of a college or university with a bachelor's degree in a biological science, forensic science, or a related science field.


$44,213.39 annually

Retirement program Paid holidays Sick, Annual, and Comp leave approval

How to apply

Apply at the following link: