Forensic Latent Examiner Supervisor

San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, CA, US


Under general direction of the Crime Scene Investigations Commanding Officer, this position is responsible for daily operations of the Latent Fingerprint section of the Forensic Services Division, which entails supervising, scheduling, assigning, training, setting work priorities and conducting performance evaluations of subordinate Forensic Examiners involved in latent fingerprint identification.

This position performs and leads others who perform the more difficult and complex cases of fingerprint examination and classification of prints and impressions, and operates all related latent print equipment Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) database of the San Francisco Police Department. All functions are performed in accordance to laws of evidence, criminal procedure, and court procedure and adherence to unit’s code of ethics.


  • Supervises the activities of subordinate personnel engaged in latent print examination. Plan, assign and evaluate subordinate personnel to ensure conformance with departmental regulations and policies, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Develop and review division operating procedures.
  • Prepare section for Accreditation.
  • Oversee the general types of tests and examinations to be performed on physical evidence assigned to unit; conduct difficult and complex tests and examinations using developing powders, inks, chemicals, casting materials, photographic equipment or other special equipment.
  • Collect and transport multiple forms of evidence to and from various locations for forensic evaluation and chain of custody documentation and process evidence according to department procedure.
  • Identify, compare and evaluate latent, visible, plastic, and partial finger, palm, foot, or similar type prints or impressions through various mediums or other special equipment for difficult and complex cases in the department.
  • Review case notes and technical reports prepared by subordinate staff; prepare clear and concise case notes and technical reports for department documentation of observations, procedures/techniques and evaluations; maintain regular, modus operandi fingerprint files and various records for department use.
  • Encode and input data into SFPD ABIS, CAL-ID AFIS and FBI ULW / NGI fingerprint systems; use system results and printouts to develop probable suspects list and classify fingerprints for facility of retrieval by the different systems users.
  • Oversee the verification of fingerprint identifications made by other latent examiners, and provide guidance, training and technical assistance to personnel that perform the verification of fingerprint identifications; comply with on-going state and federal mandated training of new and experienced personnel; and adhere to industry standards in periodic assessments and validating fingerprint processing.
  • Develop and review procedures for the preparation of evidence and exhibits for presentation in court or formal hearings on latent fingerprint examinations, identification and related local criminal history and testify as an expert witness.


  • Completion of 30 semester credits from an accredited College or University which must include at least: a course in Math; a course in English or Composition; a course in Chemistry (with laboratory sections); and a course in any Science (with laboratory sections).


Five (5) year of verifiable full-time experience as a latent fingerprint examiner or equivalent classifying and comparing latent prints including visible, plastic and partial finger and palm prints and 10 prints; operating latent print and automated 10-prints AFIS systems; and developing latent prints using a variety of chemical processes and testifying in court as an expert fingerprint witness.

License and Certification:

  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License AND
  • Possession of an International Association for Identification (IAI) Latent Print Certification or equivalent.


  • Additional qualifying experience classifying and comparing latent fingerprints as described above may substitute for the required education. One year (2000 hours) of additional qualifying experience is considered equivalent to the 15 semester units of college coursework in Math, English/Composition and Science.


$108,732 - $132,080 Annually

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