Forensic Pathologist

United Health Services (UHS), Johnson City, NY, US


UHS Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department handles approximately 21,000 surgical pathology cases, 20,000 GYN cytopathology cases, 3000 non-gynecologic cytopathology cases, 300 bone marrows, 900 flow cytometry cases, and 5.5 million tests, and 250 forensic autopsies per year.

This position will perform coroner’s autopsies, will be paid for them by the Broome county attorney’s office and will have privileges at the UHS Hospitals.

UHS Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department currently has 2 board-certified (BC) cytopathologists, 3 BC hematopathologists, 1 BC neuropathologist, 1 BC transfusion medicine specialist, 1 breast/gyn pathology fellowship-trained pathologist, 1 genitourinary pathology fellowship-trained pathologist, 1 gastrointestinal and liver pathology fellowship-trained pathologist, 1 BC dermatopathologist, 1 BC non-forensic autopsy pathologist, and 3 pathologist assistants. Hematopathology, genitourinary pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, neuropathology, thyroid FNAs, most of the skin pathology, breast and gyn pathology cases are handled by the specialists.

The department has a comprehensive QA program in AP and CP.

The department has state-of-the art immunohistochemistry laboratory, flow cytometry laboratory, automated histology laboratory, and automation in all clinical pathology disciplines.

This area is a home of very well-known Binghamton University and state-of-the art healthcare system, and offers a wide array of cultural and recreation activities.


United Health Services Hospitals, located in Binghamton, NY seeks an AP/CP or AP board-certified pathologist with fellowship training in forensic pathology.



How to apply

Please email CV to