Forensic Science Administrator

Illinois State Police, Decatur, IL, US


40%  1. Serves as working supervisor of the Decatur Forensic Science Laboratory Forensic Biology/DNA (FB/DNA) unit.

  • Assigns and reviews work.
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff.
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance.
  • Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs.
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives.
  • Approves time off.
  • Prepares and signs performance evaluations

20%  2.  Evaluates FB/DNA laboratory reports.

  • Technically evaluates FB/DNA laboratory reports to ensure adherence to command guidelines and to detect areas of excellent casework, as well as, areas requiring improvement
  • Evaluates the Biochemistry unit to ensure adherence to command guidelines and accreditation requirements.

10%  3.  Ensures that the FB/DNA unit personnel have sufficient equipment, supplies, and commodities to complete their coursework responsibilities.

10%  4.  Assigns and coordinates the work of subordinate staff to ensure quality FS/DNA casework is provided in a timely manner to all Decatur Laboratory user agencies and courts.

10%  5.  Provides expertise in troubleshooting problems.

  • Provides expertise to section personnel in troubleshooting problems of a difficult nature.
  • Monitors subordinate staff involved in the development and validation of technical methods and procedures to solve special issues.

5%   6.  Attends and participates in conferences and seminars.

  • Attends and participates in regional and national scientific conferences and seminars for the purpose of exchanging scientific information.
  • Remains abreast of new methods and technological advances in FB/DNA examinations.
  • Travels in the performance of these duties.

5%   7.  Performs other duties as required or assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in a natural or forensic science, preferably supplemented by a master’s degree in one of the biological, natural, physical, forensic sciences, or related discipline.
  • Requires two years of professional forensic science work experience such as would be gained at the advanced caseworker level.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least three years of knowledge in laboratory techniques and analytical methods utilized in Forensic Biology/DNA forensic science discipline area.
  • At least two years of knowledge in collecting and preserving physical evidence and maintaining the chain of custody of physical evidence.
  • At least two years of knowledge in State, Federal, and local criminal laws and regulations as they relate to the forensic examination of physical evidence.
  • At least one year of experience in developing, implementing, and enforcing policies, procedures and quality standards for a forensic science laboratory.
  • At least one year of knowledge in the various forensic science laboratory services provided and the relationship between the different examination techniques utilized.
  • At least one years of experience supervising subordinate staff and providing for their professional development.
  • At least one year of knowledge of the principles and practices of public and business administration including preparing administrative reports.
  • At least one year of experience in developing a laboratory budget for resources to include personnel and equipment needs or assisting in the preparation and implementation of the laboratory budget.
  • Master’s degree with coursework in one of the biological, natural, physical, forensic sciences, or related discipline.
  • At least two years of experience in establishing and maintaining satisfactory working relationships with co-workers, law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel.


$7,176 - $10,602 monthly,

Anticipated starting salary $7,176, CBA language applies

How to apply