Forensic Science Administrator II (Safety Program Manager/FSC-C Quality Manager)

Illinois State Police, Chicago, IL, US


40%  1.  Under direction of the Deputy Laboratory Director, holds administrative responsibility and oversight as the Quality Assurance Manager at the Forensic Science Center at Chicago (FSC-C) and serves as the Forensic Sciences Command (Command) Safety Program Manager for employees.

  • Manages the FSC-C Quality Assurance Program to ensure compliance with all Command Quality Assurance policies which include but are not limited to: distribution and review ofinternal and external proficiency tests; preparation and coordination of all laboratory audits; preparation and submission of all QIRs; and the yearly reviews of all FSC-C manuals.
  • Assures all requirements are met for laboratory accreditation.
  • Assures potential quality concerns are brought to the attention of the Laboratory Director.
  • Makes recommendations on policy for the benefit of enhancing Quality at the laboratory and Command levels.

25%  2.   Manages the Command Health and Safety program to ensure compliance with all Command Health and Safety policies which include but are not limited to preparing and coordinating all safety audits; keeping abreast of current health issues; developing policy with reference to safety; and providing recommendations to improve working conditions.

  • Monitors necessary physical examinations (vision, hearing etc.) of laboratory employees and schedules appropriate testing.
  • Coordinates the distribution of available materials on health and safety topics; receives reviews and tracks all accident reports generated by the Command.
  • Reports in a timely and comprehensive manner, findings and/or recommendations to improve working conditions with reference to safety.
  • Assists with safety audits in other Command laboratories when requested.

10%  3.   Monitors and chairs a representative Quality Assurance committee at FSC-C for the dissemination of information and adherence to quality assurance.

  • Provides Health/Safety and Quality Assurance Communications.
  • Serves as a Health and Safety resource and as the chairperson of the Command Health and Safety committee.
  • Disseminates information and compliance of health and safety policies.

10%  4.  Provides Health/Safety and Quality Assurance Training.

  • Monitors and coordinates required health and safety training such as Bloodborne Pathogen and Exposure Control for Command employees.
  • Provides additional training and/or the dissemination of health and safety bulletins on a statewide basis when necessary.
  • Provides training on ISO, Command and Laboratory policies on compliance to quality assurance as needed.

10%  5.  Ensures quarterly safety inspections are conducted to assure compliance with all federal, state, local, Department and Command rules and regulations.

  • Ensures all laboratory safety equipment is in proper working condition and appropriately maintains minimum health and safety standards for the well-being of the Command employees.

5%  6. Performs other duties as assigned or required.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Requires a bachelor’s degree in a natural or forensic science, preferably supplemented by a master’s degree in one of the biological, natural, physical, or forensic sciences, or related disciplines.
  2. Requires three years of professional forensic science work experience such as would be gained at the advanced caseworker level.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. At least five years of knowledge in laboratory techniques used for forensic scientific examination of physical evidence.
  2. At least three years of experience with the various evidence examination techniques utilized and their relationship in the overall forensic science laboratory system.
  3. At least three years of knowledge in collecting and preserving physical evidence and maintaining the chain of custody.
  4. At least three years of knowledge in State, Federal, and local criminal laws and regulations as they relate to the examination of physical evidence.
  5. At least one year of experience in developing, implementing, and enforcing policies, procedures and performance standards for a forensic laboratory or laboratory system.
  6. At least three years of experience in maintaining satisfactory working relationships with co-workers, laboratory management, law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel.
  7. At least three years of experience in analyzing and correlating data to present it convincingly in reports, both verbally and in writing, including but not limited to: Laboratory reports, validation reports, instrument performance check records, chain of custody administrative records, quality assurance reports, etc.
  8. At least three years of knowledge in the rules of evidence in criminal law and court testimony.
  9. At least one year of experience in the administrative principles and practices of a law enforcement related public organization.



$7,650 - $11,376 monthly, anticipated starting salary $7,650 - CBA language applies

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