Forensic Science Administrator III (Criminalistics Section Chief)

Illinois State Police, Chicago, IL, US


30%  1. Through the group supervisors, is responsible of the supervision of firearms/toolmarks examiners, latent print examiners, and imaging/photography examiners assigned to the forensic science laboratory. 

  • Serves as a full line supervisor by assigning and reviewing work to meet day-to-day operating needs. 
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff. 
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance; establishes annual goals and objectives; and prepares performance evaluations
  • Approves time off
  • Adjusts first level grievances
  • Effectively recommends and imposes discipline up to and including discharge
  • Determines and recommends staffing needs

25%  2. Responsible for the analysis of casework and the administration of the Criminalistics section

  • Manages casework and major case reviews
  • Coordinates examination of cases with other laboratory sections
  • Monitors through the Group Supervisor review of all case reports generated by the section
  • Assumes responsibility for the sections' budget preparations, security, inspections of the section, equipment maintenance, evidence storage, record keeping, information systems, operational goals, and personnel reports
  • Prepares and testifies in court concerning procedures and results. 

15%  3. Ensures communication within the section and with other laboratory managers. 

  • Schedules staff meetings
  • Advises staff on and ensures compliance of policies, procedures, and lab initiatives
  • Compiles information for meetings
  • Answers questions concerning delegation, planning and overall control of unit
  • Confers with other laboratory managers to discuss ways to maximize the efficiency and quality of laboratory work

10%  4. Maintains the highest level of quality control in all analytical techniques and procedures.

  • Identifies and evaluates quality assurance issues
  • Ensures issues are resolved in a timely manner
  • Ensures copies of quality assurance reports and proficiency testing are included in each applicable staff member's annual performance review

10%  5. Solves problems arising from daily laboratory operations

  • Defines problems accurately by obtaining all required facts
  • Develop options and potential consequences so as to make proper recommendations and/or decisions
  • Directs specialized laboratory examinations

5%  6. Develops good rapport with law enforcement agencies.

  • Presents and/or schedules presentations, meetings, or seminars for external/internal law enforcement agencies and the scientific community
  • Educate and elicit feedback on the agency's mission/programs
  • Stimulate support of and participation in agency goals and activities

5%  7. Performs other duties as assigned or required.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Requires a bachelor's degree in a natural or forensic science, preferably supplemented by a master's degree in one of the biological, natural, physical, or forensic sciences, or related disciplines. 
  2. Requires two (2) years of professional supervisory forensic science work experience. 
  3. Requires two (2) years of professional forensic science work experience such as would be gained at the advanced caseworker level. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. At least four years of knowledge in laboratory techniques and analytical methods utilized in the Latent Prints or Firearms discipline.
  2. At least four years of knowledge in collecting and preserving physical evidence and maintaining the chain of custody of physical evidence.
  3. At least four years of knowledge in State, Federal, and local criminal laws and regulations as they relate to the forensic examination of physical evidence.
  4. At least two years of experience in developing, implementing, and enforcing policies, procedures and quality standards for a forensic science laboratory.
  5. At least two years of knowledge in the principles and practices of public and business administration including governmental accounting, program budgeting, and hiring.
  6. At least two years of knowledge in the various forensic science laboratory services provided and the relationship between the different examination techniques utilized.
  7. At least two years of experience in compiling and preparing administrative reports and records.
  8. At least two years of experience in developing a laboratory budget or assisting in the preparation and implementation of the laboratory budget.
  9. At least two years of experience in establishing and maintaining satisfactory working relationships with subordinates, co-workers, law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel


$8,159 - $12,139 monthly, Anticipated starting salary $8,159, CBA language applies. 

How to apply