Forensic Science Administrator III (Drug Chemistry Section Chief)

Illinois State Police, Chicago, IL, US


30%  1. Through the Group Supervisors, is responsible for the supervision of chemists assigned to the forensic science laboratory

  • Serves as a full line supervisor by assigning and reviewing work to meet day-to-day operating needs. 
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff. 
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance; establishes annual goals and objectives; and prepares performance evaluations
  • Approves time off
  • Adjusts first level grievances
  • Effectively recommends and imposes discipline up to and including discharge
  • Determines and recommends staffing needs

25%  2. Responsible for the analysis of casework and the administration of the Chemistry section

  • Manages casework and major case reviews
  • Coordinates examination of cases with other laboratory sections
  • Monitors through the Group Supervisor review of all case reports generated by the section
  • Assumes responsibility for the section's budget preparations, security, inspections of the section, equipment maintenance, evidence storage, record keeping, information systems, operational goals, and personnel reports
  • Prepares and testifies in court concerning procedures and results

15%  3. Ensures communication within the section and with other laboratory managers

  • Schedules staff meetings
  • Advises staff on and ensures compliance of policies, procedures, and lab initiatives 
  • Compiles information for meetings
  • Answers questions concerning delegation, planning, and overall control of unit
  • Confers with other laboratory managers to discuss ways to maximize the efficiency and quality of laboratory work
  • 10%  4. Maintains the highest level of quality control in all analytical techniques and procedures

    • Identifies and evaluates quality assurance issues
    • Ensures issues are resolved in a timely manner
    • Ensures copies of quality assurance reports and proficiency testing are included in each applicable staff member's annual performance review

    10%  5. Solves problems arising from daily laboratory operations

    • Defines problems accurately by obtaining all required facts
    • Develop options and potential consequences so as to make proper recommendations and/or decisions
    • Directs specialized laboratory examinations

    5%  6. Develops good rapport with law enforcement agencies

    • Presents and/or schedules presentations, meetings, or seminars for external/internal law enforcement agencies and the scientific community
    • Educate and elicit feedback on the agency's mission/programs
    • Stimulate support of and participation in agency goals and activities. 

    5%  7. Performs other duties as assigned or required


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Requires a bachelor's degree in a natural or forensic science, preferably supplemented by a master's degree in one of the biological, natural, physical, or forensic sciences, or related disciplines. 
  • Requires two (2) years of professional supervisory forensic science work experience
  • Requires two (2) years of professional forensic science work experience such as would be gained at the advanced caseworker level. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least four years of knowledge in laboratory techniques and analytical methods utilized in the Drug Chemistry discipline.
  • At least four years of knowledge in collecting and preserving physical evidence and maintaining the chain of custody of physical evidence.
  • At least four years of knowledge in State, Federal, and local criminal laws and regulations as they relate to the forensic examination of physical evidence.
  • At least two years of experience in developing, implementing, and enforcing policies, procedures and quality standards for a forensic science laboratory.
  • At least two years of knowledge in the principles and practices of public and business administration including governmental accounting, program budgeting, and hiring.
  • At least two years of knowledge in the various forensic science laboratory services provided and the relationship between the different examination techniques utilized.
  • At least two years of experience in compiling and preparing administrative reports and records.
  • At least two years of experience in developing a laboratory budget or assisting in the preparation and implementation of the laboratory budget.
  • At least two years of experience in establishing and maintaining satisfactory working relationships with subordinates, co-workers, law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel.


$8,159 - $12,139 monthly, Anticipated $8,159, CBA language applies

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