Forensic Scientist 1 (Forensic Scientist Entry Underfill Option) – Field Investigation and Latent Print Disciplines — REQ-112713

Oregon State Police, Central Point, OR, US


In this position, you will perform technical and scientific functions as they relate to the Criminal Justice System and in accordance with the policies of the Department of State Police, Forensic Services Division, accreditation procedures, and laws of the State of Oregon. This position requires objective scientific thinking by someone capable of independent planning and problem solving related to the analysis of evidence.

As the Forensic Scientist in this position, you will:

  • Perform independent casework in the Field Investigations discipline, which includes responding to crime scenes in the field and participating in the response rotation as outlined in the Oregon State Police Officers Association contract, while meeting the quality standards of the Division.
  • Perform independent casework in the Latent Print Processing discipline, while meeting the quality standards of the Division.
  • Perform accurate and timely analysis of evidence according to Division policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate records, laboratory notes, and analytical reports to conform to accreditation standards, Division policies and procedures, and court required procedures.
  • Maintain individual productivity, as measured by requests per unit of time and based on percent of available analytical time, at a level consistent with Division standards.
  • Manage assigned caseload, including appropriate and timely communication with law enforcement partners.
  • Provide casework support and perform technical reviews in the Field Investigations and Latent Print Processing disciplines to ensure quality. Support OSP analysts by acting as a resource for the discipline.
  • Receive and provide training related to assigned duties.
  • Perform other duties as needed or requested by the Laboratory Director or other supervisors of the Oregon State Police and assume added responsibilities as authorized.


Minimum Qualifications for Forensic Scientist 1 ($6,678.00 - $9,053.00) (these must be addressed in your resume for full consideration):

  • Five years’ experience as a Forensic Scientist in an accredited Forensic Laboratory
  • Bachelor’s degree in a natural science such as Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physics, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Bacteriology, or a closely related field.

For applicants that are not yet at the full performance level, we are offering an underfill opportunity as follows:

Minimum Qualifications for Forensic Scientist Entry ($5,668.00 - $7,015.00) (these must be addressed in your resume for full consideration):

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a natural science such as Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physics, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Bacteriology, or a closely related field.

Note: If you are selected to move forward in the selection process, you must provide official transcripts from all institutions of higher education that were used in the award of your degree.

Preferred Skills (these must be addressed in your cover letter for full consideration):

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, orally and in writing, with a diverse audience in a clear, effective, and professional manner.
  • Demonstrated experience performing laboratory procedures or other tasks, to include creating and modifying documentation, with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated ability to self-initiate tasks, effectively manage time, and triage competing demands to meet both scheduled and unexpected deadlines.
  • Ability to excel as a team member in stressful situations and demonstrate high emotional intelligence.
  • Ability to analyze information objectively and make reasoned, unbiased decisions.
  • Ability to think critically, logically, and independently.

Special Qualifications:

  • Must possess and maintain a valid Driver’s License.
  • Must be able to provide credible sworn testimony in a criminal or civil proceeding arising from the performance of duties. This includes cogently, accurately, and appropriately qualifying and explaining any results, conclusions, and opinions so their significance is understood.
  • As a condition of employment and / or to routinely work in any of the Forensic Services Division’s laboratories in any capacity, all individuals are required to provide appropriate samples for inclusion into the Confidential Staff DNA Identification Index.
  • Must pass a urine analysis drug screen.


Forensic Scientist 1 ($6,678.00 - $9,053.00)
Forensic Scientist Entry ($5,668.00 - $7,015.00)

  • The salary listed is the non-PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) qualifying salary range. If the successful candidate is PERS qualifying, the salary range will reflect an additional 6.95%. 
  • Work/life balance.
  • Paid vacation, sick leave, 11 holidays and up to 24 hours of personal business leave a year.
  • Medical, vision, dental, and life insurance as well as additional optional benefits.
  • Retirement programs through the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and optional deferred compensation programs through the Oregon Savings Growth Plan.
  • Abundant advancement opportunities within the agency and throughout State of Oregon government that carries your seniority and benefits with you.
  • Opportunities to expand your technical and professional skills.
  • Meaningful work with others who are passionate about public service.
  • Make a difference in the lives of Oregonians.

How to apply

  • Please visit the State of Oregon Job Opportunities - Workday Webpage to submit your application for this position, including your current resume and cover letter.
  • Apply in Workday by the deadline listed above, failure to submit your application by 11:59PM of the above listed date will result in automatic disqualification of your application.
  • You must submit a resume demonstrating your experience as it relates to the minimum qualifications for the position.
  • In addition to a resume, you must submit a cover letter addressing how you meet each preferred skill for this position – (no more than two pages in length).
  • Failure to attach a resume addressing the minimum qualifications and a cover letter addressing the preferred skills will result in disqualification of your application.
  • Please submit these documents in either MS Word or PDF format.
  • Documents submitted in formats other than MS Word or PDF will not be reviewed and will result in disqualification of your application.
  • Please only attach documents that are requested in this posting. Any additional documents that are submitted at this stage, will not be reviewed.
  • After applying be sure that you answer the questionnaires related to citizenship and Veterans’ Preference points. In order to receive Veterans’ Preference points, this is a required questionnaire.