Forensic Scientist Associate-FBIO/DNA

Denver PD Crime Laboratory, Denver, CO, US


Job responsibilities include:

  • Conducts independent chemical and biochemical analyses of evidence to identify and confirm biological materials and interpret results for use in criminal investigations.

  • Maintains chain-of-custody for evidence by recording descriptions of evidence, laboratory identification numbers, dates, times, tests performed, techniques used, and other pertinent information.

  • Prepares a detailed, technical report for each case which records findings and interpretation of results.  Consults with colleagues, investigators, and attorneys about findings and interpretation of results.

  • Prepares court testimony that links findings with conclusions to withstand scrutiny by adversarial experts, assists with the establishment the scientific soundness of analytical methods, and communicates cases effectively to jurors.

  • Trains law enforcement personnel, subordinates, colleagues, medical personnel, and interns in the collection, handling, and examination of evidence, the theory of laboratory instrumentation, techniques to link evidence with other findings, and in the principles of effective courtroom presentation.

  • Operates and performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs on state-of-the-art laboratory and analytical instruments and equipment.

  • Performs independent research to develop and implement new techniques and recommends acquisition of state-of-the-art instrumentation.

  • By position, visits crime scenes as needed to independently identify, collect, and preserve physical evidence.

  • By position, develops or modifies work plans, methods, and procedures, determines work priorities, and plans work schedule to meet testing deadlines. 

  • Provides work instruction and assists employees with difficult and/or unusual assignments. 

  • Resolves problems encountered during daily operations and determines appropriate solutions.

  • Responds orally to informal grievances and relays information to the supervisor.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Three years of experience as a case working forensic scientist in an accredited laboratory.


$72,887 - $120,264

How to apply