Forensic Scientist - Biology/DNA

Johnson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Laboratory, Olathe, KS, US


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Criminalistics Laboratory is seeking a qualified applicant for a position in our Biology/DNA Section. The major duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence examination for the presence or absence of body fluids
  • DNA analysis including extraction, quantitation, PCR amplification, capillary electrophoresis, and data analysis
  • Interpretation and reporting of STR and Y-STR results including likelihood ratios
  • Presenting information regarding Biology / DNA analysis to officers, deputies and/or citizens
  • Participation in training, competency testing, and proficiency testing according to established protocols
  • Performing technical and administrative review of casework data
  • Rigorously following all safety manuals, standard operating procedures, and quality assurance/quality control procedures
  • Performing quality assurance/quality control procedures of reagents, equipment, and instrumentation as necessary
  • Documenting and performing casework duties in accordance with laboratory procedures, with minimal errors and no pattern of deficiencies
  • Assisting in ensuring conformance to DNA quality assurance standards and laboratory accreditation standards
  • Attending continuing education/training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and professional meetings as time and resources allow
  • Participating in method validation/verification studies as needed
  • Providing expert testimony in courts of law as subpoenaed 

This position requires availability for on-call hours outside of the normal workday including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


Minimum Educational Qualifications: In order to fulfill national forensic DNA quality assurance standards, the following education requirements must be met. Applicants missing one required course will be considered as long as that course is successfully completed by the end of the training period.

  1. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or forensic science related area.
  2. Successful completion of a minimum of 9 semester or equivalent credit hours of course work covering all the following subject areas: a) Biochemistry, b) Genetics, c) Molecular Biology.
  3. Successful completion of coursework covering statistics and/or population genetics.

Transcripts must be submitted with the application in order to verify degree and course work requirements.

Courses with titles other than those listed above may satisfy the requirements if the specific subject area was an integral component of the course (at least 50%). Applicants who have completed course work with titles other than those listed above will need to demonstrate compliance through material such as course catalog description, course syllabus, letter from the instructor, or other documentation that supports the course content.


This position will be hired as a Forensic Scientist Trainee, Forensic Scientist, or Senior Forensic Scientist based on prior experience. The 2023 salary ranges, minimum Forensic Scientist Trainee to maximum Senior Forensic Scientist, are $24.48 – $46.02 per hour ($50,918 – $95,713 annualized). Hiring salary is based on experience and equity within the laboratory.

Experience requirements for Forensic Scientist: One year of experience in a forensic laboratory as a Forensic Technician or Forensic Scientist. Successful completion of a forensic Biology / DNA analyst training program with demonstrated competency. Salary range: $28.06 - $42.02 ($58,356 - $87,409 annualized). Experience requirements for Senior Forensic Scientist: Five (5) years of independent forensic casework in the discipline of forensic Biology / DNA. Courtroom testimony experience. Successful completion of a forensic Biology / DNA training program with demonstrated competency. Salary range: $30.68 – $46.02 ($63,809 - $95,713 annualized).

Candidates not meeting the experience requirements for Forensic Scientist or Senior Forensic Scientist will be hired as a Forensic Scientist Trainee. A Forensic Scientist Trainee must meet the minimum educational requirements listed above. Salary range: $24.48 - $36.66 ($50,918 - $76,252 annualized).

Additional benefits include:

  • 10 county‐paid holidays, 3 floating holidays, and accrual of sick and vacation leave
  • Parental, caregiver, shared, civic, military, and bereavement leave
  • Dental, medical, and vision insurance
  • Reimbursement of approved education expenses up to $3,500 per calendar year, as resources allow
  • Access to on‐site fitness center
  • Fitness program that pays for classes and memberships in a network of over 160 facilities, studios, and gyms
  • County match of up to 4% of your base bi‐weekly earnings towards a retirement saving contribution program
  • Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS)
  • Sick disability pay and provided term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program to provide confidential assistance regarding physical and emotional health
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (medical and dependent care reimbursement)
  • Employee discounts for products, entertainment, attractions, sports, and events

How to apply

Apply online using referenced URL:

Questions may be directed to Forensic Scientist Supervisor Kevin Brewer, or Forensic Scientist Supervisor Bethany Stone,