Laboratory Director (Senior Public Service Administrator, Option 7)

Illinois State Police, Decatur, IL, US


25%: Serves as the Laboratory Director for the Decatur Forensic Science Laboratory which serves primarily as a DNA Property Crimes Laboratory,

  • Develops policy and procedures for laboratory operations
  • Manages and directs all laboratory operations, activities and personnel
  • Manages and maintains control over the laboratory including the collection, preservation, analysis and court representation of evidence.
  • Manages case analysis and coordinates major case reviews for all cases within the laboratory.
  • Develops, executes, controls and evaluates the laboratory operational goals and objectives
  • Prepares and submits the laboratory budget

20%: Serves as full-line supervisor

  • Assigns and reviews work
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance
  • Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives
  • Approves time off
  • Adjusts first level grievances; effectively recommends and imposes discipline up to and including discharge
  • Prepares and signs performance evaluations
  • Determines and recommends staffing needs

15%: Oversee sand directs laboratory inspections, equipment maintenance, evidence storage, record keeping, information systems, operational goals, and personnel reports.

  • Maintains the security for the facility by keeping the inventory of keys and access cards for the laboratory, limiting access to secured areas to include evidence vaults.
  • Administers maintenance to the laboratory’s security computer.

10%: Conducts regularly scheduled staff meetings and prepares training materials

  • Provides education and motivation to staff on policies, procedures, and lab initiatives.
  • Provides guidance to encourage staff discussions which foster enthusiasm and emphasize positive work behavior and promotion of a safe working environment.
  • Compiles information for laboratory director meetings.
  • Answers questions concerning the delegation, planning and overall control of assigned units.
  • Confers with other laboratory directors to discuss ways to maximize the efficiency and quality of laboratory work.
  • Provides advice guidance to assigned staff to promote a teamwork environment within the lab.

10%: Manages the Quality Assurance Program for laboratory casework.

  • Reviews and approves all case reports.
  • Reviews reports for evidence of proper follow-up of all quality assurance matters including, but not limited to proficiency testing and quality assurance visits.
  • Reviews all applicable staff members' annual performance reviews to ensure inclusion of proficiency testing results.
  • Conducts an annual inspection of the laboratory utilizing the command laboratory inspection program and reports findings of the inspection to the bureau chief.

10%: Evaluates operations to identify issues and develops and implements resolutions to improve efficacy and efficiency of laboratory policy, procedures and operations.

  • Obtains facts and analyzes potential consequence to develop options and suggestions for improvements or changes.
  • Implements decisions and/or develops recommendations for the Bureau Chief.
  • Directs specialized lab examinations.
  • Testifies in court concerning procedures and results.

5%: Develops and maintains programs which will encourage law enforcement agency usage and understanding of a forensic laboratory.

  • Travels and attends both external and internal law enforcement meetings.
  • Creates mechanisms for the user agency participation in lab meetings and provides an ongoing, viable orientation program for users of the laboratory. 

5%: Other duties as assigned or required 


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Requires knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to the completion of four(4)years of college.
  • Requires prior experience equivalent to four (4) years of progressively responsible administrative experience in a law enforcement related public or business organization.
  • Requires two (2) years of supervisory experience preferably in a law enforcement organization or laboratory setting.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in law enforcement or related field.
  • Two (2) years of professional Biology, DNA or forensics science work experience.
  • Three(3) or more years of professional experience supervising forensic science staff.
  • Three(3) years of forensic science work experience such as can be gained at the advanced casework level.
  • One(1) year of experience managing, planning or creating a budget.
  • Knowledge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Quality Assurance Standards (QAS).
  • Knowledge of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).
  • Master's degree with coursework in one of the biological, physical, natural or forensic sciences or related disciplines. 



$10,000-$13,760 / monthly - Anticipated

How to apply