Senior Forensic Scientist - Firearms

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Golden, CO, US


  • Participate in the development and updating of policies and procedures.
  • Ensure and maintain a secure chain-of-custody of evidence and advises lower-level staff on proper procedures.
  • Make accurate observations regarding examination; prepares detailed notes and comprehensive written reports regarding examinations and properly documents all case-related communications with other parties within a laboratory information management system software environment.
  • Complete accurate and timely instrument maintenance, reagent preparation, equipment validation/verification and all quality checks.
  • Provide input on equipment purchases, updates, and resources.
  • Participate in pre-trial conferences and hearings for assigned challenging and complex cases.
  • Appear in federal, state, and local courts as an expert witness and present fair and impartial court testimony concerning scientific results of analyses and interpret these results to the court.
  • Create and present technical trainings.
  • Provide guidance, and advice to less experienced laboratory personnel, law enforcement officers, attorneys, or speaking to interested groups on the methods of analysis employed in the laboratory and in the methods of collecting and preserving evidence.
  • Interact and work effectively and professionally with customers.
  • Communicates with other laboratories to collaborate.
  • Professional development – Remains current in scientific advancements in the forensic field by reading technical publications, making presentations, and/or attending training/conferences.
  • Accreditation/certification standards (lab and personal) – Participates in and maintains all aspects of laboratory accreditation standards. Obtain certification and maintain certification standards.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's Degree - Criminal Science, Forensic Science
  • Minimum three years experience working specifically on firearms analyses
  • Preferred - Experience in an accredited forensic laboratory and as a technical leader.


$35.53 - $53.30 / hour based upon relevant experience and qualifications

How to apply

Application is online only. Follow link above. Make sure to attach a resume to application.