AAFS Board Box – FY23 Budget Update

Source: Laura C. Fulginiti, PhD, AAFS Past President

Greetings everyone! The Board of Directors and the staff have been very busy getting ready for the meeting and taking care of business on behalf of the Academy membership. I am happy to report that the FY 2023 Budget was approved today in a special session. Our annual revenue is projected to be $4,061,392 and the annual expenses are projected to be $4,112,414, which leaves a deficit of $51,022. This deficit is much lower than anticipated and is due in large part to a painstaking review of our budget line items.

Meeting registration, exhibit sales, and sponsorship is tracking higher than last year, as are hotel reservations. Please remember to book through Saturday so you can enjoy our Academy-wide 75th anniversary celebration Friday night.


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