Standards Checklists

Checklists provide a tool to allow a forensic science service provider to evaluate the level of standard implementation and/or audit conformance to a standard.  Each checklist, provided in Excel, uses a standardized format that also allows flexibility when used. Checklists are in continuous production with more coming soon for standards currently on the OSAC Registry and for standards recently posted to the OSAC Registry.

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Checklist Toolbox

Instructions for Use of Checklists

Basic information on use of the checklist is included in select column headers as a comment. Beyond this, use the link below for comprehensive instructions.

Download Instructions

Each checklist is specific to a version of a standard, which is hyperlinked in the checklist. Not all sections of a standard are included in a checklist. To use a checklist properly, you will need to have a copy of the standard itself. Go here for information on how to access published standards.

A checklist does not provide interpretation guidance. If you have questions related to interpretation, please contact the standard developing organization (SDO).  The SDO may have standard specific training available.


You may also watch the instructional video below:


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