AAFS Webinars Abstract Submission

Delve into the fascinating realm where science meets justice. Our webinars, led by renowned experts in the field, offer a unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge techniques and methodologies that define modern forensic science. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of forensic innovation by submitting your abstract and become a part of our webinar series, shaping the future of forensic science!

Before submitting an abstract you should know...

  • AAFS Webinars may occur at any time of the year
  • The abstract submission process is comparable to that of the  AAFS Annual Scientific Conference
  • Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and vetted by a committee representative of all AAFS sections and appointed by the AAFS
  • Submitters can expect notification of approval or denial within 10 business days of their submission
  • If approved, AAFS Staff will contact you with next steps
  • Webinars may be offered for general continuing education (CE) credit

This abstract submission portal should be utilized for AAFS Webinars and AAFS Standards & NIST webinars.

Submit Your Abstract

The AAFS Webinars abstract submission portal is a new and separate account. If you have submitted an abstract for the AAFS Annual Scientific Conference, you will need to create a new login to submit a webinar abstract.

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