Awards Recipients

We have a long history of outstanding individuals who have impacted forensic science in their careers and we continue to recognize their contributions.

The highest honor of the aafs

R.B.H. Gradwohl Laureates

The Gradwohl Medallion is intended to honor one who has made exceptional contributions and is the highest honor of the AAFS and is the foremost peer award in the forensic sciences. The Gradwohl Medallion is conferred only upon those persons who have attained exceptional distinction in the advancement of the forensic sciences, who have given outstanding service to the AAFS over a long period of time, and who have achieved outstanding recognition in a public position through service to the forensic science profession.

Distinguished Fellows

This award is given to an AAFS Fellow who has given meritorious service to the Academy, the forensic sciences, and to other professional peer group organizations. The second highest award was established in 1990 and is presented at the AAFS Annual Scientific Conference.

Douglas M. Lucas Medalists

The AAFS Lucas Medal is intended to be presented at the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) Triennial Meeting to a person who has made international recognized contributions to forensic science. The award may be presented to an individual, not necessarily an Academy member, to commemorate his/her significant professional contributions to forensic science/forensic medicine.

Outstanding Early Career Achievement in Forensic Science Award Recipients

The recipient shall have demonstrated early in their career both leadership and outstanding achievement through contributions that have served to advance forensic science and its application to the legal system in a manner that promotes professionalism, integrity, competency, education, research, practice, and collaboration. 

Honorary Members

A person who has rendered significant service to the Academy or who has achieved special qualifications in the forensic sciences may be invited to become an Honorary Member after unanimous approval by the Board of Directors.