Academy Standards Board

The Academy Standards Board develops consensus based forensic science standards within an American National Standards Institute accredited framework, and provides training to support those standards. Our work enhances the mission of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences to empower the forensic, criminal justice, and legal communities. 

Call for Members for a New Forensic Nursing Consensus Body, and for New Members to Three Existing ASB Consensus Bodies

The ASB is currently accepting applications for a new Forensic Nursing consensus body and for new members to the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Wildlife Forensics  consensus bodies. Each CB consists of 7 to 25 members and creates and approves by consensus Forensic Standards, Best Practice Recommendations, Guidelines, and Technical Reports. The CBs also consider comments, views, and objections to ballots and resolve all comments received in connection with the development of documents. ASB CBs are open to all materially interested and affected individuals, companies, and organizations. All applications must be completed by May 24, 2024. 

Application for the ASB Forensic Nursing Consensus Body.

Application for new members to the ASB Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Medicolegal Death Investigation, and Wildlife Forensics Consensus Bodies. 

Kevin Lothridge Academy Standards Board

Standards make it possible to produce scientifically sound results on a global scale. Working and collaborating with ASB, we can make today's innovations tomorrow's standards as we strive to unite the sciences for justice.

- Kevin Lothridge
Director, Global Forensic and Justice Center

Standards Resources and Training

Training, tools, and resources provided by the AAFS as funded by a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Documents Open for Comment

Training and Resources

Forensic Standards Training Opportunities

Resources available include the ASB's Style Manual used to develop ASB Standards,  ANSI education and training, and video trainings. 

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