AAFS 2024 Follow Up

Thank you all for attending the AAFS 76th Annual Scientific Conference! This page contains conference photos, AAFS TV videos, award winners, CE information, and links to the AAFS Online Rewind content. The Online Rewind features three bundles of different workshops recorded at AAFS 2024. The keynote address featuring speaker Bryan Stevenson will ONLY be available for this week (March 4 - March 10) via the Online Rewind bundles.

C. Ken William's Outgoing Presidential Message

AAFS 2023-24 President C. Ken Williams addresses the membership one final time to discuss the top objectives of his presidency, the future of forensic sciences, his greatest memories, and how young forensic scientists should get involved.

AAFS TV Episode 1

"Justice For All"

  • C. Ken Williams | 2023-24 President
  • Center for Human Identification | Texas
  • John Morgan | Wrongful Convictions
  • Attendees | What does "Justice For All" mean to you?

AAFS TV Episode 2

"International Work & Future of Forensic Science"

  • Samiah Ibrahim | International Affairs Committee
  • Dragan Primorac | President, ISABS
  • Successful Training and Retention of SANE's Program | UW Milwaukee
  • Sylvia Perez | Forensic Nursing Science
  • The Alaska Comprehensive Forensic Training Academy
  • Vinny Desiderio | Standards and Justice For All
  • Attendees | Future of Forensic Science

AAFS TV Episode 3

"AAFS and You!"

  • Zain Bhaloo | AAFS Membership Benefits
  • Melissa Connor | Forensic Investigation Research Station
  • British Columbia Provincial Toxicology Centre
  • Gina Londino-Smolar | AAFS Mentorship
  • Attendees | How has the AAFS helped you further your career?
  • Michael Peat | Editor, JFS
  • Department of Forensic and Investigative Science | West Virginia University
  • Antonel Olkers | President, African Forensic Science Academy

AAFS TV Episode 4

"Trends in Technology"

  • Marcus Rogers | Digital Forensic Evidence
  • Media Forensic Lab | University at Buffalo
  • Tanisha Henson | Chair, Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF)
  • Christopher "Kip" Thompson | 2024-25 AAFS President
  • Bringing Forensics Training to Rural Jurisdictions | The National Center on Forensics
  • Vienna Lam | Aquatic Deaths and FSF Grant Recipient
  • Cyber Defense and Digital Forensics | Edmonds College
  • Karen Rosenbaum | 2025 Program Chair, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
  • AAFS TV Visits the Exhibit Hall!

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