Our multidisciplinary scientific membership provides opportunities and tools to maximize professional development, grow personal contacts, and engage with peers within the forensic science community. Our 6,500+ AAFS members represent all 50 United States and 71 other countries. Our membership is organized within 12 sections (disciplines), supplying access to valuable resources within specific areas of forensic science. Through new research, the development of new standards, and the adaptation of a modern world, our members are leading the progression of forensic science. 

AAFS Sections

Nearly all AAFS members join through one of our 12 discipline-focused sections. The first step in applying for AAFS membership is to identify which section you are best suited for. The second step is to identify which status category is most appropriate. 

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"AAFS is a unique organization because it provides members opportunities to collaborate with other forensic disciplines and to learn about other sections' forensic best practices. The Academy also has a strong international membership that provides members the opportunity to see how forensic scientists in other countries practice. Additionally, our relatively large and diverse membership allows us to be positively impactful on policy, legislation, and law, in situations in which we choose to do so. For all of these reasons (and more), I am proud to be an AAFS member."

- Christopher Thompson, MD
AAFS President 2024 - 25
Board of Directors
Forge Your Legacy as a Forensic Scientist

Member Benefits

Each AAFS section provides opportunities for professional development, personal contacts, awards, and recognition. Sections keep their members informed regarding activities and developments in their fields through the AAFS weekly newsletter.

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Membership Statuses & Affiliations

Once familiarized with the sections of the AAFS, you can begin applying to a specific status of membership/affiliation. Please view the requirements for each status. 

Membership Requirements

Student Affiliate

Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program that would support a forensic science career to be eligible.

This reduced barrier to entry is intended to encourage youth involvement in the field of forensic science, escalate career opportunities, and promote collaboration between the different generations of practitioners.

Student Affiliate Requirements