ANSI/ASB Standard 098

Standard for Mass Spectral Analysis in Forensic Toxicology

First Edition, 2023
Consensus Body: Toxicology

This document provides criteria for the acceptance of mass spectral analyses of small molecules (compounds with an atomic weight of less than 800 daltons) in laboratories conducting any of the following forensic toxicology subdisciplines: postmortem forensic toxicology, human performance toxicology (e.g., drug-facilitated crimes and driving-under-the-influence of alcohol or drugs), non-regulated employment drug testing, court-ordered toxicology (e.g., probation and parole, drug courts, child services), and general forensic toxicology (e.g., non-lethal poisonings or intoxications).

The document provides minimum requirements for acquiring data on single- or multiple-stage mass spectrometers using low or high-resolution. It also provides instructions on the evaluation of mass spectral data when conducting acquisitions in full-scan mode, selected ion monitoring, or multiple-stage analyses.

Criteria, requirements and instructions in this document are not intended for the area of breath alcohol toxicology. Further, it is not intended to address the use of matrix assisted laser desorption, inductively coupled plasma, or ion mobility mass spectrometry. It is also not intended to provide criteria for analyte identification in forensic toxicology laboratories.

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