AAFS Board Box—March 2023

The AAFS Board of Directors (BOD) met on February 13, 2023. We had an ambitious agenda. Parliamentarian Helen McFadden provided instruction for proper meeting protocols.

Secretary Caruso presented minutes from the December 15, 2022, for BOD approval.

President Fulginiti reported on activities of the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) on behalf of the Academy Standards Board (ASB); legislation is still pending in Congress. The membership has increased, and an aggressive dues solicitation successfully increased the number of members catching up with overdue 2022 dues payments. The Forensic Nursing Sciences Section is working diligently to detail their policies and procedures and conducting active recruitment. She encouraged the BOD to approve the first group of Professional Affiliates.

President-Elect Williams announced his theme for 2023: Justice for All and alerted the BOD that his primary goal this year is to complete several ongoing projects.

Treasurer Collins reported a nearly balanced budget, and plans moving forward including detailing our investment strategy, reviewing programs, and reassessing our budget items.

Executive Director Grogan updated the BOD on meeting highlights to look out for, dues payment updates, suggested fee increases for membership applications, and updates on staff initiatives.

Membership application changes were approved by the BOD. The BOD voted to increase member dues.

AAFS President Fulginiti and the BOD approved committee appointments of the Diversity Outreach, Ethics, Long Term Planning, and Policy and Procedures.

The BOD voted to approve moving funding for HHRRC to the FSF as it is primarily research oriented.

Michael and Brenda Peat presented detailed informatics for the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

Jurisprudence Chair Gil Sapir presented rationale for proposed PPM Amendments.

President Fulginiti acknowledged outgoing BOD members Carl McClary, Mark Marpet, Kristen Hartnett-McCann, and Claire Shephard.

Beth Lavach presented a brief legislative update regarding proposed congressional funding.

President Fulginiti thanked the BOD for a successful year, her wishes for a successful conference, and acknowledged the staff for their incredible efforts on behalf of the Academy prior to adjourning the meeting.


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