Anthropology Section Deadline Reminder

Source: Krista Latham, PhD, Anthropology Section Chair

Two nomination deadlines are coming up on January 15: Program Co-Chair and Student Liaison.

Nominations for Program Co-Chair are open to Members and Fellows. Both self- nominations and nominations by other section members are accepted. All nominations for the Program Co-Chair shall include a CV and a brief statement of interest (600 words or fewer) highlighting the desire to serve in the position and qualifications to fulfill the role (see PPM for detailed Program Committee duties). The CV and statement of interest shall be emailed to the Section Chair by January 15. All nominations will be evaluated and voted on by the Section's Nominating Committee. 

Applicants for Student Liaison must be graduate students and Student Affiliates of the AAFS Anthropology Section at the time of application and through the duration of their appointment. (Or, at the time of nomination, they may have an application on file to become a Student Affiliate.) The Student Liaison serves to share with section leadership and members their issues of interest and concern to the student members (for detailed description of duties, see PPM). The term is two years. Applicants will email the following to the Section chair by January 15: A CV; A cover letter providing details concerning your status in your degree program (e.g., years in program and requirements completed such as ABD); A short essay of 500 words or fewer indicating what you value as a student member of the AAFS and how you would promote students in the section. Applications will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee and the current Student Liaisons based on leadership potential and ability to articulate ideas and goals outlined in the short essay. 


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