Attend a 2024 Luncheon Seminar

Source: Emily D. Gottfried, PhD, Poster Sessions Chair

The Luncheon Seminars (LS) presented this year at the 76th AAFS Annual Scientific Conference cover a variety of topics that attendees representing the whole spectrum of forensic sciences will find interesting.

On Thursday (LS1), Paul Graf, MS, will present on his career with the U.S. Naval Investigative Service (NIS) and compare it with how this work is depicted on popular television shows, such as NCIS.

Also on Thursday (LS2), Robert Maher, PhD, will discuss gunshot audio interpretation and present case studies demonstrating how this work can provide vital forensic information.

On Friday (LS3), Edward Mazuchowski, MD, PhD, will discuss the phases of human spaceflight and review past fatal mishaps.

Also on Friday (LS4), Charla Skinner Perdue, MFS, will present on reducing the stress within teams who work in high-stress occupations and include discussions on personality colors and how to leverage a team's talents based on these colors.

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