DAG Rosenstein’s Remarks Concerning Forensic Science

Source: Betty Layne DesPortes, JD, MS, 2017 - 2018

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) looks forward to working with the Justice Department and others to advance forensic science. Forensic science is a crucial tool in the search for the truth that must be available to all participants in the justice system. Collaboration with the broader scientific community and any endeavors that combine the expertise of forensic science practitioners with the knowledge of other scientists provide the best opportunities to strengthen forensic science. Any endeavors related to forensic science should not be limited to crime laboratory-based disciplines and should reflect the diversity of the forensic science community.

The projects for uniform language and testimony monitoring to ensure compliance announced by Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein will complement the work of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Organization of Scientific Area Committees to provide standardization within forensic science disciplines. The leadership and membership of AAFS also stand ready to assist the Justice Department in assessing the needs of the forensic science community for research, funding, education, training, and equipment. We particularly look forward to working with the new Senior Advisor on Forensics, Ted Hunt, who is a Fellow of the AAFS Jurisprudence Section.

Standardization, research, and full funding are essential to advance forensic science and require national leadership. As DAG Rosenstein stated, "The truth is out there. Working together, we will help judges and juries find it." AAFS members are eager to assist in these new projects to ensure we do.


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