The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation Announces Closure After 25 Years of Service

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation, a charitable organization that was formed to support the advancement of the field of Forensic Anthropology, announces that it will be ceasing operations after 25 years of service to the forensic science community. This decision was not made lightly and comes after careful consideration of the organization's sustainability.

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Science Foundation has been a significant supporter to the Forensic Anthropology community since 1999 when it started identifying outstanding contributions of research through academic scholarship. The foundation awarded 14 academic student scholarships, 22 Kerley Awards for outstanding research, and 12 International Outreach Awards (a sponsorship for international scientists) over the 25-year span of operation. Throughout these years, the foundation has been committed to the personal and professional development of anthropology scholars and practitioners. The contributions they make to the forensic field, their communities, and educational institutions embodies the essence of the Foundation's mission.

"It is with a sadness that we announce the dissolution of the Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Science foundation," said Amy K. Moorhouse, President. "We are incredibly proud of the work we have done and the impact we have had on the Forensic Anthropology community over the past 25 years. However, due to the demands of the industry, we decided to discontinue operations and hand over foundation momentum to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Anthropology Section. We have worked closely with the AAFS and are excited about their leadership and commitment in continuing to provide the Ellis R. Kerley Award to a deserving forensic scientist."

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation would like to thank its esteemed Board of Directors, partners, and supporters for their dedication and loyalty over the years. Without their support, the foundation would not have been able to achieve the number of scholarships awarded. The Foundation has always believed that the future of forensic anthropology rests with the development of its scholars, who embody the kind of energy and vision that Dr. Ellis R. Kerley gave to this field.

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation was founded in 1999 with the goal of supporting the Forensic Science community and to honor Ellis R. Kerley through monetary awards and networking opportunities for individuals who demonstrate research excellence, leadership in their communities, and capacity for and commitment to making a difference in the field of forensic anthropology. Over the years, The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences foundation has provided 14 Student Scholarships, 22 Kerley Awards, and provided a stipend and sponsorship to 12 international forensic scientists. The foundation is honored that the AAFS will continue to present the Kerley Award during their annual conferences. 


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