FIU Launches Open-Access Forensic Research Library

Source: Jeff Teitelbaum, FIU Forensic Librarian

Florida International University (FIU) has launched a first-of-its-kind resource for forensic science practitioners, students, researchers, and the general public. The Research Forensic Library provides access to thousands of articles and reports in the scientific literature, a critical step in the forward momentum required of forensic science and its varied applications.

From daily digest emails to curated search results, the Research Forensic Library provides easy, online accessibility to material covering all disciplines of the forensic sciences. The library is part of the Global Forensic and Justice Center (GFJC), an FIU program with a focus on innovation from the crime scene to the courtroom.

A cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded FIU $300,000 for three years to assist in the creation and curation of the Research Forensic Library. NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the United States Department of Justice seeking to improve the quality and efficiency of forensic practice in the United States, particularly at the state and local levels. The Research Forensic Library's public accessibility exemplifies a key pillar of NIJ's mission.

Research is how we move forensic sciences forward. The more we can share this information, the more innovation we can help cultivate on a global scale.

The library is supported by Teitelbaum, a forensic librarian and researcher for 16 years, and the program is managed by Gerald LaPorte, GFJC's Director of Research Innovation.

The Research Forensic Library can be found at


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