A Friendly Reminder for Abstract and Workshop Submissions!

Source: Amanda L.A. Mohr, MSFS, Section Chair

We enthusiastically urge you to consider submitting relevant scientific content and/or workshop proposals to the Toxicology section by August 1 for the 76th AAFS Annual Scientific Conference. Please feel free to contact Toxicology section Program Chair Dayong Lee (dlee@hfsctx.gov) or Co-Chair Erin Karschner (erin.l.karschner.civ@health.mil) with questions about workshops or scientific session submissions. More information regarding abstract submission can be found HERE.    

There is an "Additional Comments" box on the abstract form to designate your abstract as being for the Special Sessions, such as Drugs and Driving, Postmortem, and the Pathology/Biology joint session. The AAFS 2024 Drugs and Driving Special Session will be kindly coordinated by Marilyn Huestis (marilyn.huestis@gmail.com) and Curt Harper (Curt.Harper@adfs.alabama.gov).   

Nominations and all accompanying supporting information for the Toxicology Section's Awards & Scholarships are also due on August 1, 2023. Please contact our Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair, Jennifer Colby (jennifermcolby@outlook.com) with any questions or to submit your nomination. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in Denver!


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