Happy Holidays QD Members!

Source: Questioned Documents Section Leadership

We hope that you have had a healthy and successful year and that you are looking forward to 2023. The AAFS Questioned Documents (QD) Section is poised to offer an impressive educational agenda for the 75th Academy Anniversary in Orlando! 

Our Workshops include:

Monday, February 13

  • Workshop #2  Implementing Magnetic Flux Measurement for Forensic Document Examinations (Full Day)

Tuesday, February 14

  • Workshop #22  An Introduction to Document Security (Half Day)
  • Workshop #23  Report Writing in a New Rule 702 World – Handwriting Comparison Examination (Half Day)

Others Workshops of Interest:

  • Workshop #7  The Seven Habits for Highly Effective Standards Development (Half Day)
  • Workshop #19  Forensic Photography:  Photography Basics to Imaging Beyond the Visible Spectrum With Alternate Light Sources (ALS) and Infrared (IR)  (Full Day)
  • Workshop #20  A Gentle Introduction to the Likelihood Ratio (LR):  Basic Ideas, Implementation and Limitations (Half Day)

The conference will take place February 13–18 and will be held at the beautiful Rosen Shingled Creek resort hotel.  Speaking of our 75th,  according to AAFS Past President Carl McClary, preparations for this momentous milestone for the Academy have been underway for a while and there is quite a celebration planned to include a reception on the night of the 17th (luau style!!) and a trivia game in conjunction with the Last Word Society program on Thursday night, the 16th. It looks like it will be both an educational and a fun week, as well as a chance to mingle and catch up with our colleagues.

Please join us and take advantage of Florida weather, numerous workshops, and an exciting QD scientific session!

Registration and program information can be found at https://www.aafs.org/annual-conference. 


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