International Forensics Summer School (IFOSS)—July 2023

The 2023 International Forensics Summer School (IFOSS) will be held July 16-22, in Sicily, Italy. IFOSS 2023 will aim to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research as well as the professional best practices in forensics and related fields. The theme is Digitalization and Forensic Data Science: From Evidence Acquisition to Interpretation.

The courses will be delivered by world-renowned experts from academia, law enforcement, and others within the industry, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of real forensics problems. Leading scientists from the different fields involved will introduce the topics. A typical course is broad enough to provide a general introduction to the chosen topic, while one can learn the most relevant contributions in depth. The school will aim to provide a stimulating opportunity for professionals and young researchers, as well as PhD students.

Again, this year will focus on digital forensics and law, with specific emphasis on the AI revolution. Watch the success of the previous sessions In the following brief recap video:

The school will be open to about 75 qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates. PhD students, post-doctorates, young researchers (both academic and industrial), senior researchers (both academic and industrial), or academic/industrial professionals are encouraged to apply at:

For detailed information, go to:

Please contact with any questions.


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