Jurisprudence Section Updates

Source: Virginia Barron, JD, Section Chair

There has been a lot of activity within the Jurisprudence Section lately. Below are a few highlights:

  • Judge Roderick T. Kennedy (Ret.) is the legal advisor providing compliance advice concerning the current excessive use-of-force consent decree issued upon the Albuquerque Police Department.
  • M. Christoper Fabricant authored Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System, which was published in April 2022 by Akashic Books, Brooklyn, NY, 2022. The book provides a narrative inside review of "wrongful executions, corrupt prosecutors, quackery masquerading as science."
  • Andre Moenssens, Betty Layne DesPortes, and Roderick Kennedy authored Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases, 8th edition, published by Foundation Press, 2022.
  • Harry Miles was awarded a graduate certificate in Forensic Accounting from Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies.
  • Judge Donald Shelton (Ret.) was appointed to a committee creating the Michigan Forensic Science Commission with Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget M. McCormick by Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan.
  • Donald Ramsell, President of the National College for DUI Defense, prepared and hosted its annual national program in Chicago, IL, during July 2022.
  • Leigh Tomlin and Terry-Dawn Hewitt, our Section Program Chairs, have been diligently and productively preparing the Jurisprudence Section program for the 2023 Orlando meeting.

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