Message From the QD Section Chair

Source: Kevin Kulbacki, MSFS, Section Chair

We are on the eve of the AAFS Annual Scientific Conference. We are eager to have the personal interaction again with colleagues, a.k.a. "old friends." Many of our members have been with the Academy, and other organizations, for several years. They have their own unique life experiences and professional skill sets, making our meetings educational and the sidebars always enjoyable. 

There is an opportunity for a member from the Questioned Documents (QD) Section to fill a position on the AAFS Diversity Outreach Committee. Member Bonnie Beal has served in that position on behalf of the QD Section; however, she has reached the end of the three-year term.

Bonnie stated there are representatives from nine other AAFS Sections and provided the following additional information: "I would love to see our participation continue. In addition, you do not have to be a Fellow to participate on this committee. If you would like to volunteer to be on this great committee, please nominate yourself by writing a brief statement (500 words or fewer) within an email regarding your vision of a diverse and inclusive Academy and why it is important to you. Please direct your email to the DOC Chair who, at this time, is Sarah Hainsworth ("

Bonnie deserves our admiration for representing our section for that extended period. Thank you, Bonnie!  

There are many other QD Section-specific and Academy Committees that provide opportunities to serve. Contact Section Chair Jim Green ( or Section Secretary Kevin Kulbacki ( to express an interest in participating.  


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