PPM Updates

An updated AAFS Policy and Procedure Manual has been posted to the website HERE. The Table of Contents is linked to the appropriate pages for easy navigation. The following updates were approved by the Board of Directors:

1.1.5. Revisions to the Manual - New verbiage added to clarify protocol for suggested changes. Professional Affiliate Processing Policies - Existing verbiage assigned a citation number. Professional Affiliate Review Committee Composition - New verbiage added.
3.1. Annual Conference - Complete rewrite/reorganization of section to align w/ current protocols/practices. 
4.2.1.II.A. Travel, Approved in Advance - Policy clarified.
5.1.2. Ethics Committee Records and 5.1.3. Working Files - Updated file storage protocol (AAFS Private Cloud Server). Audio Recordings - Storage policy clarified.
5.3.4. Mass Email (Email Blast) - Request policy clarified. 

5.3.2. AAFS Office Working File and Archives - Verbiage cleanup.
6.1. Academy Standards Board - Addition of ASB into PPM.
6.2.6. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award - Addition of new Academy-wide award. Records - Closed file storage and access policy clarified. 

In addition,the following sections approved and updated portions of the PPM pertaining to membership criteria of section operating policies: Anthropology; Criminalistics; Digital & Multimedia Sciences; Odontology; Pathology/Biology; and Toxicology.

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Director Kimberly Wrasse at kwrasse@aafs.org.


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