Seeking Volunteers to Speak at the 2023 YFSF Special Session

Source: Emily A. Rue, PhD, 2022-23 YFSF Special Session Chair

AAFS Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF) Special Session Chair Emily Rue and Co-Chair Paul Yount are looking for speakers to contribute to the YFSF Special Session at the 75th Anniversary Conference in Orlando, FL. The YFSF theme is Education, Training, and Experiences: The Ingredients to Make Science Work.

The overall theme of the 2023 AAFS Conference is Science Works. In the past few years, science and the scientific method have been under attack, denigrated, and dismissed. AAFS President Laura Fulginiti's plan is to offer scientific content demonstrating that forensic science provides trustworthy, objective data that can be relied upon by the judicial system, Congress, and the public.

The 2023 YFSF theme was chosen to invigorate young forensic scientists and demonstrate how education and training play a vital role in making forensic science work. This presentation will show young forensic scientists that their contributions matter and that the decisions they make today can have a positive impact on their careers, their disciplines, and the scientific community at large.

The YFSF Special Session Committee aims to offer presentations that focus on:

  • Education, training, and experiences that have been the driving force of growth in all forensic science disciplines
  • Innovative advancements in forensic science
  • Mentorship for young forensic scientists as they make the leap into the professional realm

The committee is looking for speakers to give a 20-minute presentation on education, training, and experiences that have led to successful science in their field of study and discuss how one's struggles and setbacks can ultimately make science work. This can include case-driven research, innovative methodology, scientific studies, and personal stories. They hope to provide young forensic scientists with a look at the evolution of forensic science and how research, technology, and experiences have added support to prove that science works.

If you are interested in presenting at the 2023 YFSF Special Session, please contact Emily Rue ( or Paul Yount ( by July 16, 2022.


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