Survey on the Use of the Biological Profile in Death Investigation and Human Identification

Source: Allysha Winburn, PhD, Anthropology Section Fellow


AAFS Disclaimer
AAFS is neither conducting nor endorsing this research/survey, but rather assisting the members in the recruitment of participants. Any questions regarding the participation request should be directed to the recruiters below. 

As medicolegal professionals, your participation is requested for a brief, IRB-approved, online survey investigating how forensic anthropological biological profile data are used by stakeholders in the medicolegal system. Specifically, we are seeking participants from the Criminalistics, General, and Pathology/Biology Sections of the AAFS. The survey is anonymous.

Our research group includes forensic anthropologists from the University of West Florida, University of Florida, and SNA International. We are interested in learning more about what happens after forensic anthropologists report biological profile data to their consulting agencies and how anthropology reports are translated into demographic information that furthers personal identifications. We estimate that this survey will take 10 minutes. We welcome you to forward the survey to other medicolegal professionals:

Thank you! We appreciate your participation, and we value your insights.

For more information, contact:
Allysha Winburn, PhD, RPA, D-ABFA (AAFS Anthropology Section fellow;
Samantha McCrane, MA (AAFS Anthropology Section student affiliate;
Amanda Friend, PhD (AAFS Anthropology Section member;


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