Sydney Declaration Survey

Source: Michelle Miranda, PhD; Claude Roux, PhD; Rebecca Bucht, PhD; Lyndal Bugeja

AAFS Disclaimer

AAFS is neither conducting nor endorsing this research/survey, but rather assisting the member in the recruitment of participants. Any questions regarding the participation request should be directed to the recruiter below.  

More than one year after the publication of the declaration and following multiple efforts to discuss and disseminate the Sydney Declaration worldwide, we have decided to conduct a Questionnaire based survey to collect data on how the Sydney Declaration has been received by the forensic science community.   

The aim of the exercise is to (1) collect feedback from forensic science professionals about the declared definition and each of the principles, (2) assess how well the SD has been disseminated and (3) what aspects of the declaration (if any) have been practically implemented.  

This study is the first formal evaluation of the Sydney Declaration's impact on forensic science practice. The anonymized results of the questionnaire will be analyzed and presented at relevant conferences and events. More importantly, information collected will be used to inform and direct future projects relating to the Sydney Declaration and its practical implementation.  

Links to the survey (in three languages) can be found below.  

Sydney Declaration survey - English  
Sydney declaration survey - Spanish  
Sydney declaration survey - French  

We thank you in advance for your contribution to this project.    


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