Volume 2 of the History of the AAFS Is Now Available

Source: Ronald L. Singer, MS, 2004 - 2005

The second volume of the History of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences has been uploaded to the AAFS website. It contains a detailed chronicle of the events and people that shaped the Academy from our 50th Anniversary meeting in 1998 through our 75th Anniversary meeting in 2023.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the amazing progress that the Academy has made in the past 25 years. The volume contains lists of the officers, award winners, and significant events that occurred in each AAFS Section and Academy-wide, as well as an entire section of photographs taken at the 75th Anniversary meeting last February. The casual reader will enjoy the photographs and names of friends that they have encountered over the past 25 years, while a more serious read will illustrate how we have become a leader in critical areas of forensic science, establishing such programs as the FEPAC and the ASB, and extending our educational and outreach efforts with the FSEC and IEOP (if you don't know what the various initials stand for, the book will explain it all).

The volume is a multi-year effort that involved a multitude of people–the members of the History of the Academy Committee, the Past President's Council, and other individuals. Special recognition should also be given to the AAFS Staff, particularly Donna Grogan, Kimberly Wrasse, Kathy Howard, and Jase Hamstad, for providing advice and assistance along the way, and for compiling the data and research provided, finding additional data, and producing the wonderful volume that is available online.    

Like any work of this sort, some corrections to the text, both factual and grammatical, may be necessary. Please send any corrections you may have to Kathy Howard (khoward@aafs.org). 

History of the AAFS - 1998-2023


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