ANSI/ASB Standard 123

Standard for Routine Internal Evaluation of a Laboratory’s DNA Interpretation and Comparison Protocol

First Edition, 2024
Consensus Body: DNA

This standard provides the requirements for the technical leader (or appropriate personnel) to: 1) routinely evaluate the consistent application of the developed, verified and implemented DNA interpretation and comparison protocol within a laboratory and laboratory system; and 2) assess whether the DNA interpretation and comparison protocol is appropriately and consistently used to produce reliable and reproducible interpretations and comparisons. This standard addresses the development of an internal evaluation system, including proper format of data, types of data to use, frequency of evaluation, and how to assess results.

This standard applies directly to capillary electrophoresis-based STR DNA testing, but may also be applied as appropriate to laboratories using other DNA testing methods. This standard applies to manual/binary interpretation and comparison methods as well as methods using software as part of the analysis, interpretation, comparison and/or for generation of statistical statements.

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