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A cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides funds to AAFS to develop training, tools, and resources to enhance implementation efforts and broaden awareness of forensic science standards among communities of interest.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Training will address technical aspects of the standards as well as challenges, practical solutions, and benefits of adoption. Resources, including auditing checklists for compliance monitoring and gap analysis, will also be developed, as well as Factsheets, understandable to the lay person. Through the cooperative agreement, the Academy plans significant outreach efforts and engagement with other professional organizations, multiple Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), certifying bodies, accrediting bodies, forensic service providers, and others.

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Standard Factsheets

Factsheets provide a concise summary of each standard and facilitate broader understanding, they also highlight the purpose of a standard, why it is needed, and the benefits of adoption.


Standard Checklists

Internal audit checklists for specific standards. The checklists can be used within an agency to identify gaps, monitor progress towards full implementation of a standard, or demonstrate compliance (for accreditation purposes).

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Forensic Standards


Standards: The Not-So-Missing Link

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Everyone involved in forensics at any level — practitioners, laboratory personnel, law enforcement, judges, attorneys, subject matter experts, forensic science students, etc. — need a solid grasp of how consensus-based standards support forensic science applications.

This webinar will help address the need for standards training with a view to forensics!

Mary McKiel

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The Academy Standards Board develops consensus based forensic science standards within an American National Standards Institute accredited framework, and provides training to support those standards.